Our curriculum

Our goals:

  • instill a love of learning and a joy of discovery, artistic expression, and community

  • nurture and strengthen all developmental domains–physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and artistic

  • promote respect of self, respect for each other, respect for nature, and respect for the classroom environment

  • promote a sense of independence and autonomy

  • build a strong foundation of classroom adaptation skills so that children are well equipped to function as individuals and as members of a group in a school setting


To achieve our goals, we have designed and implemented a strong, rich, and creative developmental curriculum with major emphasis on learning through doing (hands-on learning), learning through play, and learning through the arts in a bilingual environment. The curriculum and learning environment have been inspired by certain aspects of Montessori and Waldolf early childhood traditions. They provide each child with varied ways and opportunities to experience, explore, and interact with the world around him/her in a joyful, playful, loving, and unhurried environment.

The classroom space is configured so that children can move freely between the activity centers. The space, materials and school routines are designed to support our curriculum goals and encourage a high degree of student autonomy. Each day, children have ample opportunities to be engaged with materials and experiences that stimulate learning in our major curriculum areas:

  • language arts and literacy readiness

  • math readiness/problem solving

  • creative and social play

  • science and nature exploration

  • arts and crafts

  • fine and gross motor activities

  • circle time/singing / music

  • snack preparation and snack time